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If it's carbide we buy it.....all types carbide and carbide grinding sludge.

We make your experience easy; no hidden charges, no special forms, no surprise pricing.

We keep it simple - call for price...send scrap...get paid.

1. Call for current price.
2. Package securely, put name and address in box and note       price quoted. 
3. Ship USPS flat rate (2 day delivery). 
Keep receipt it has your tracking number.
4. It is always a good idea to insure the package.
Check mailed within 24 hours.

We buy all types of scrap carbide and carbide sludge

SCRAP CARBIDE INSERTS.....coated, uncoated and CBN/PCD tipped

SCRAP CARBIDE ROUND TOOLS......End Mills, Drills, Reamers coated and uncoated

MISCELLANEOUS SCRAP CARBIDE.....rolls, dies, wear parts, molds, compacts, saw tips

We pay competitive prices and pay IMMEDIATELY upon receipt and material/weight verification.

We reimburse $11 of priority mail cost on packages over 40 pounds.

Tungsten Carbide cutting tools, introduced to metal cutting in the 1930s and 1940s have become and has remained the predominant material for metal cutting. Though it has always been possible to reclaim the tungsten it was not always a popular practice. Reclamation of carbide and scrap carbide has become more and more popular. Today approximately 40% of new material is produced from reclaimed scrap carbide. Scrap carbide in all forms are recyclable. The most popular scrap carbide is in the form used in the metalworking manufacturing process. Scrap carbide inserts and scrap carbide round tools; drills, end mills etc provide the largest percentage of reclaimable material. Scrap carbide from the wood working industry also provide a portion in the form of saw tips, planner knives and molding/shaper cutters. The primary metals industry also uses carbide in the form of rolls, slitter knives, dies and wear parts in other metal forming functions. Scrap carbide will continue to be a growing source for new carbide.

Items must be free of dirt, chips, oil, water or any foreign material.

Material should be packaged to avoid breakout and damage to the shipping container. We suggest flat rate priority mail. We recommend the Medium Flat Rate Box O-FRB1. This will hold up to a 70 pound limit though we recommend you keep it to 50 pounds. Placing the material in heavy duty plastic bags (2 to 3 layer) works well. Make sure the containers or bags are packaged tightly in the box and in our estimation you cannot use too much tape on the outside of the box. DO NOT USE PEANUTS!!! Remember loss of material is your responsibility, we pay on what we receive.


For larger shipments and if you can load onto a truck call us, we will arrange a freight carrier pickup.

Upon receipt of material we will verify material and weight and send payment. Generally this will be no more than 24 hours.

References provided upon request.



As mentioned above tungsten carbide comes in many forms. Tungsten carbide is a sintered material. The carbide mixture, milled to a sub-micron consistency is mixed with a small amount of wax to help it hold its shape. The pressed shape is than put in sinter/hip furnace where the cobalt or nickel binder melts and cements the tungsten particles; hence the term "cemented carbide". The important factor is that the tungsten never changes its shape or size, the sintering temperatures do not effect the tungsten and therefore makes it a prime target for recycling. The scrap carbide can be milled to a smaller particle size and chemically the scrap carbide can be chemically processed to remove the binder and other elements and yield the tungsten.

Carbide scrap became very important in the late 1960's and early 1970's. The reasons were probably many; new applications in metal working, mining and wear parts were creating an ever increasing demand. The world supply of raw tungsten was somewhat limited at the time. Scrap carbide became more and more in demand. Scrap carbide collection saw many individuals enter the market. Scrap carbide buyers come and go, we have purchased scrap carbide since 1972. We created a scrap carbide web site in 2003 with the intent of giving small sellers a quick and easy way to profit from their scrap carbide quickly. Many others have jumped on the band wagon, followed our business model and the competition is welcomed. We purchase scrap carbide from the largest corporations in the USA and from individuals with 5 pounds, we sell our scrap only to USA corporations who convert the carbide scrap here in the USA.
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